Hi! I’m Libo! I am a mathematics educator from New York!


I am a passionate educator who strongly believes that understanding mathematics can help all students develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills that can be utilized outside the classroom.


I am committed to helping spread the joy of mathematics through MathPlay, I wholeheartedly believe that facilitating #MathPlay helps students develop a deeper appreciation for math and empowers them to better understand it.


As a mathematics educator, I have taught a wide range of subjects, from remedial algebra classes to upper-level calculus. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics, a Master of Arts in Pure Mathematics, and a Master of Science in Educational Leadership.

What Educators are Saying about Math Play…

Libo beautifully shares with us personal context and story and favourite resources for bringing true human engagement with mathematics to one and all

James Tanton

Libo understands to his core that play is the great underutilized ingredient for creating meaningful math learning experiences

Dan Finkel

MathPlay is such an enjoyable read, packed with practical ideas, photo visuals, and detailed lesson plans that you’ll be able to use right away

Stacey Roshan

As mathematics teachers and leaders we have to ensure our classrooms are joyful for all students to learn and this book provides a window on how to do that well

Georgina Rivera

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